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Answers to Commonly Asked Cruise Questions

How many people can bring on board

The US Coast Guard limits the number of people onboard this type of vessels to 6.

What's the address and directions the dock?

Address is:

386 E Shoreline Drive
Long Beach, CA 90802
From Shoreline Dr. turn (towards the water) onto Shoreline Village Dr. and make the first left into the parking lot. Drive past the Yacht Club and then look for parking (around spot number 144 is closest to the gate). Make sure you pay the meter, then proceed to Gate “BB”. Call us at (310) 750-9919 and someone will meet you at the gate to bring you into the dock. 

what is the parking arrangement?

There is plenty of metered parking available. For special occasions, Sunset Cruise LA can provide complimentary parking passes in the Boats Owners lot for up to two cars. Arrangements must me made with the Cruise Director at least 3 days in advance.

What Do I wear?

Totally up to you, from a beach attire to evening gowns, based on your occasion. You might want to bring warm clothing/blankets for evening cruises. We ask that you kindly remove your shoes before entering the downstairs house area. 

How long is the cruise?

A typical sunset cruise will take between 1 ½  to 2 hours

What should I bring on Boat?

Depending on your planned activities, you might want to bring sunscreen, towels, dry clothes, etc…

Please arrange with our Cruise Director, if you needs us to provide anything for your party.

What choice of food and drink do I have?

Please arrange with our Cruise Director. She will explain to you the choices of champagnes and/or wines. She can, also, explain to you options for dinning, if you desire. 

If I am there for a special occasion can my proposal, for example, be recorded?

Two complimentary still pictures will be provided with every trip. Optional video is available as well. Please discuss with our concierge

Do I need to be concerned about getting sea sick?

For harbor cruises, no. For the last 8 years, I have not had one person get sea sick on my boat and I would like to keep that way. For Catalina trips, and If you really worried about it, I will have rest bands on board to prevent sea sickness

If I/we do not know how to swim, do we have to wear life jackets all the time?

There is no need to wear life vests all the time, but if you would like to, Sunset Cruise LA will provide low profile vests that you can wear comfortably

What if I have to cancel the trip, do I get a refund?

Please refer to our Cancellation Policy

Where do you depart from?

We usually depart out of Shoreline Marina in Downtown Long Beach, but we can arrange for different pickup locations by request.

Please contact our Cruise Director ( or to Captain Tony ( for all your other needs or questions.

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