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About 10 years ago, Captain Tony got the idea of creating an elegant sunset cruise when he could not find any service in the So-Cal area that met the high-end experience of quality he so desired; A tasteful cruise that would have all the amenities expected of the price, while maintaining the intimacy of a personalized experience. Growing up on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, one could say that the Captain feels even more at home when he’s cruising atop a glistening body of water. This sparked the idea to turn his passion into a service that he could share with more people. A Southern California transplant for almost 15 years, no one has learned the mastery and beauty of the Pacific Ocean, as our very own skipper has


Located in the heart of Long Beach, California, Sunset Cruise LA aims to provide an impeccable top of the line yacht experience without any of the stress of owning one. Our founder started the company as a way to retreat from the monotony of a daily routine, and challenges everyone that sets foot on his beauty of a boat, to join him in letting go of the every day.

Captain Tony bought his current yacht, The Sandy Beach, two years ago. He received his captains license (OUPV) and decided to use the boat as a part-time charter to provide people with a high-end cruise service. The Captain is also CPR certified and a licensed wedding officiant. When he’s not spending time on his yacht, you can find him fantasizing of bigger boats and being a superhero to his three kids. 


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